PZTRONICS Plugin Bundle

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Description of PZTRONICS Plugin Bundle
Save when you bundle five original PZTRONICS plugin effects for Multiverse ($25 value).

What's included:

CabSim can adjust the tonal characteristics of a real speaker cabinet. Typically used as the final effect in Multiverse Pedalboard. Adjustable microphone distance from the speaker cabinet. Microphone off axis control points the microphone off of the speaker center. Custom speaker cone voicing. Variable speaker size.

Fuzz-Tron provides wave shaping that replicates transistor breakup reminiscent of the 60s and 70s. Input gain increases transistor style fuzz distortion. Tilt moves dB per octave of the EQ tilt slope toward bass or treble. Final tone shaping ranging between mid boost or scoop.

Neu-Tron Overdrive is a soft clipping distortion, great tool to have in your rig. Input gain increases soft clipping overdrive type distortion. Blend mixes in desired amount of the clean signal with the distortion effect; helps retain note clarity and attack. Final tone shaping ranging between mid boost or scoop.

Posi-Tron Hard clipping distortion gives edge to your playing even at low volume. Input gain increases instant hard edge clipped distortion. Response adjusts the note emphasis and distortion response. Final tone shaping ranging between mid boost or scoop.

Vacu-Tron emulates a real vacuum tubes using PZ-CAT (PZTRONICS Clean Audio Technology). Input gain increases drive of a true emulated vacuum tube distortion. Dynamics modifies vacuum tube style snap and sustain of the note reactance. Final tone shaping ranging between mid boost or scoop.

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