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Help with Multiverse tools and publishing effects.

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Joining the Multiverse developer community on Discord is highly recommended. Visit our developer-support channel.
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Publishing an Effect

Create an effect that can be used with all Multiverse pedals! Multiverse effects are copy-protected with unique hardware keys. Effects can be sold by developers to Multiverse users for the price they choose. Multiverse users import audio effects (.efx files) in the Multiverse Designer software and add their unique effect key. Once this is done they can use the effect and load it into Multiverse hardware.

View all available Multiverse effects in the Audio Shop.

Effect Upload Form

Submit a free or paid effect to the Audio Shop.

Submit an Effect

Open Source Code Examples

Developing Multiverse Effects

For select Multiverse effects by developers who choose to provide open source code.

Blackaddr Analog Delay (GitHub)
effect example code by Blackaddr Audio.

Blackaddr Tremolo (GitHub) effect example code by Blackaddr Audio.

ChowTape by ChowDSP (GitHub) Modulation and Saturation effects example code by ChowDSP.

Pedal Graphics Library

Free Downloads

Get graphics for your effects. Library includes background images, icons, knobs, sliders, switches & more!


Tremolo Effect Speed Run