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What is Airpatch?

Airpatch is the button that puts your favorite effects right on your instrument. Go beyond the board with wireless control of your effects pedals powered by our ultra-compact dock with three unique modes of operation.

Why Airpatch?

Like many musicians, we love our effects! However, the feeling of being tethered to our pedalboards and tap dancing to activate our sounds on the fly sparked search for a new way to access signature tones. So we developed a simple and powerful tool that puts your favorite effects right at your fingertips.

What inspires us?

We are inspired by the limitless possibilities of music and the idea of making the tools that will create the future. We are driven by the idea that the best products helped create our favorite music.

Our challenge to you: Elevate Your Play.

Featured product

Airpatch gives you the ability to activate multiple pedals at the same time and also features momentary and reverse momentary switching. Airpatch comes with a dock, button, and button attachment and is compatible with all pedals.


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