Release Notes

Multiverse Software

Multiverse Designer Version: 1.4.1

Effect Creator Version:


Core Version: 1.5.0

Date: June 7, 2024


EFX filenames now have certain restrictions and will be rejected by Designer if not met. If you previously downloaded PZTronics or ChowDSP effects you may need to download these again from

New Features

- (Designer) add effect brands/developer to Effect Library filter options

- (Designer/Effect Creator) add support for LED, Encoder and Value monitor controls. See Blackadder Noise Gate EFX!

- (Designer/Effect Creator) add guitar tuner API to libAviate. See new Blackaddr Tuner EFX!

- (Designer) add crash reporting to firmware/Designer

- (Designer) double click EFX knobs in Effect Control UI to reset to their default

- (Firmware) automatically measure and remove DC offset on power up to increase headroom

- (Creator) new debugging/printing interface provides through efxLogger class instance

- (Creator/Designer) add program size validation check - (Creator) add support for list of warnings to suppress

- (Creator) add support for fast-math and -O3 compiler speed optimization

Bug Fixes: - minor bug fixes

Known Issues: - recommendation is to switch your Multiverse pedal's internal hardware gain switch from +14dB to 0dB unless you have a very weak signal (piezo, etc.) They were incorrectly set to +14dB at the factory.

Multiverse Guides

Navigate the capabilities of the Multiverse pedal and Aviate Audio software tools.