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Wireless Effects Pedal Controller


Wirelessly Control Your Effects Pedals.
Attach Wireless Controller Anywhere.
Get more out of your effects.


Airpatch is a wirelessly controlled effects loop switch. Simply choose which effects pedals you would like to control and connect them between the Airpatch send and return ports. Activate any combination of effects with just a single press of the controller.

Three Powerful Modes

Take flight with Latch, Momentary and Reverse Momentary switching to enable unique responsive control over your effects.

Press the wireless switch to activate pedals, press again to turn them off. Connect multiple pedals in the effects loop!

With responsive control, your effects are activated by pressing and holding the wireless switch.

Your effects default to 'on'. The effects loop is bypassed for as long as the button is pressed.

Demo Video



Attachment & Mounting Plate

Sleek aluminum dock casing with white printed label and tri-color LED indicator with soft-light window.

Includes a mounting plate with release lever for the wireless switch and a removable finish friendly adhesive pad. Easy to secure and remove.


“I met the guys behind the AirPatch at Summer NAMM and got the opportunity to run their rig. I’m in a wheelchair so I cannot conveniently turn on pedals with my feet but using the Airpatch allowed to me activate/deactivate pedals all using my hands. It’s a part of the market I’m not sure they even realized existed for their product and I know this product is going to be beneficial to so many guitar players, not just players like me that are in wheelchairs, but guitar players of ALL abilities. Super excited to get my hands on one of these and support this growing company.”

- Joseph “The Wheel Deal” Brooks

“I love the idea of sticking multiple Airpatch products onto my guitar to control my effects pedals as easily as I can my pickup selector! The non-abrasive adhesive works really well. The charging process is easy and intuitive. Overall a fun product from an inspiring team of developers!”

- Adam Bronstein (Intrepid Travelers)

“I’m so hyped to try this out. The idea of hitting my boost for a solo from anywhere on stage gets me so pumped!”

- John Harper (Motel Faces)

“Airpatch’s ability to wirelessly switch my pedals from anywhere on stage means I never miss a change, even when I’m jumping into a drum set. The sleek design also matches the aesthetic and the minimalist nature of my pedal board.”

- Kevin Preller (Like Minded Criminals)

Tech Specs


2.4 GHz wireless signal
50 feet (15 meters) of range

Audio Ports

Single channel effects loop switch with ¼ inch mono audio connectors for Input, Output Send and Return.


Sleek aluminum dock casing with tri-color LED and light diffuser window.

Single button wireless controller uses magnetic charging. Includes mounting plate with release lever and removable reusable finish friendly adhesive pad.

Audio Ports

Dock uses industry standard 9V, 2.1mm center negative barrel connector. Compatible with standard pedal board power systems (power supply not included)


Lithium Ion rechargeable battery for wireless switch. Long battery life wireless button lasts for up to a week on a single charge. 24 inch USB charging cable included. Quick charge of 45 minutes. Magnetic connection snaps securely to the button for charging.


We are here to provide the best experience possible. If your device does not operate to our manufacturers specifications or is defective please reach out via email at contactus@aviateaudio.com and we will assist you in getting up and running with your Airpatch unit. Repair or replacement service for Airpatch may be offered as a result of issues caused by manufacturing defects.