ChowDSP Tremolo


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Description of ChowDSP Tremolo
ChowDSP Tremolo is a simple tremolo effect, where a
low frequency oscillator (LFO) is used to modulate
the volume of the signal being processed. This tremolo
effect offers three LFO "shapes", and allows the user
to smoothly fade in between the different shapes.

The "Rate" knob controls the speed of the LFO. The
"Depth" knob controls the intensity of the volume
modulation. Finally, the "Wave" knob controls the shape
the LFO waveform. A value of 0 corresponds to a simple
sine wave, 0.5 corresponds to a triangle wave, and 1.0
corresponds to a square wave.

Chowdhury DSP is a boutique audio software creator with the goal
of developing high-quality, innovative audio effects and other
tools for musicians and music producers.

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