ChowDSP Muff Drive

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Description of ChowDSP Muff Drive

Muff Drive is an analog-modelled distortion effect based on a modified version of the circuit from the "Big Muff" distortion pedal. The effect uses a circuit-modelling technique called Modified Nodal Analysis to achieve its sound.

The "Volume", "Sustain", and "Tone" knobs control the output level, amount of distortion, and output tone respectively. While there are many variations of tone circuits in "Big Muff"-style pedals, the version modelled in this effect is based on the circuit from the "Ram's Head '75" variation. Finally, the Stages control allows the user to modify the number of clipping stages in the circuit. While the original pedal contained 2 clipping stages, the Muff Drive emulation contains up to 4 clipping stages, for a more distorted tone. Be aware that using more clipping stages will increase the effect's CPU usage.

Chowdhury DSP is a boutique audio software creator with the goal of developing high-quality, innovative audio effects and other tools for musicians and music producers.

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