Multiverse Player Edition Pedal Announced by Aviate Audio

Multiverse Player Edition Pedal Announced by Aviate Audio

ANAHEIM, CA – Multiverse pedal by Aviate Audio provides creators with the ultimate platform to make boutique audio effects for musical instruments. Effects run on the Multiverse pedal, which syncs to a Multiverse Designer plugin interface.

“Within one year of launching the Developer Edition Multiverse pedal we have seen our effects library over double in size surpassing 25 unique algorithms.” said Aviate Audio CTO Ryan Jaquin who supports developers in publishing their Multiverse effects online. “We spent 2023 getting the developer program running smoothly, and by the end of the year new effects were pouring into the Aviate Audio Shop'' he said. “Our Multiverse pedal release in 2024 takes everything that was accomplished on the platform so far, and delivers the Multiverse experience in a package designed for all players” said Aviate Audio CEO Shane Nolan. Introducing the Player Edition pedal. The new Multiverse delivers the same performance and build specifications as the Developer Edition pedal at a lower price. The Player Edition updated enclosure design and software will deliver an ideal user experience for any musician. The new Multiverse Player Edition will be sold by Aviate Audio for MSRP $349 USD beginning early 2024. After the Player Edition pedal launches, the Developer Edition pedal will be reserved for audio developers who are active in the Aviate Audio developer program. New effects and Multiverse Designer software updates will continue to improve the selection and experience for all Multiverse effects pedals.

Multiverse Designer v1.3.0 software will be released in February 2024, which adds Impulse Response (IR) support for speaker simulation.

Multiverse specs:

- 1.3” OLED Display

- 4x programmable rotary encoders w/ switch

- 2x programmable stomp switches

- 2x assignable LEDs

- 2x Expression inputs via TRS connector

- Dedicated input audio Level control and Volume control

- MIDI input for control

- USB C port with programming interface and audio interface

- Stereo 1/4" TRS audio Input & Output

- Stereo CODEC, 48Khz

- Cortex M7 @ 600 MHz

- Power provided either by the DC Power Input (5V to 9V) or the USB-C port

For a complete list of Multiverse audio effects visit the Audio Shop on Each effect has a developer created plugin view that is used to control effects in real time with Multiverse Designer software for Windows/ Mac. Assign controls to the Multiverse pedal, monitor audio in real time, then save your presets to the Multiverse pedal. Multiverse is available for sale on the Aviate Audio website ( Download free software, user guides and documentation.