Multiverse Hardware Connects Musicians to a New World of Audio Effects


The Multiverse effects hardware and software system captures the essential fun elements of the analog effect pedal experience on an open digital platform, allowing for the creation of unique sounds and effects never before developed to inspire your musical creativity and create your signature sound. Mix and match high-quality effects into multiple soft pedal boards on a single hardware pedal. Integrate the Multiverse pedal into your existing pedalboard/rig, or make it the only pedal you ever need.

On June 21st, Aviate Audio launches the Multiverse Player Edition pedal. This new product delivers the same performance and build specifications as the previous Developer Edition pedal at a lower price. The Player Edition updated case design and software will provide an ideal user experience for any musician. Aviate Audio will sell the Multiverse Player Edition for USD 349.

Multiverse has a familiar hardware layout with four pressable control knobs, two stomp switches, plus MIDI and Expression inputs which are all used to control effects settings on the pedal. The stomp switches double as a means to cycle through the list of preset tones saved on the pedal. The four assignable knobs can be set to control the effects you choose, and they also have assignable push button functions. The OLED screen displays helpful information such as the name of the active preset, effects parameter values when changing the assignable controls, and also shows what functions the assignable controls are set to perform. The pedal features up-to-date and modern hardware with a fast ARM processor for running multiple simultaneous effects and signal routing options, including full stereo (input and output) via the two ¼” stereo audio jacks or the USB-C connector.

The Multiverse hardware experience is kept simple to change your sound on the fly without requiring menu diving. The Multiverse Designer software experience for desktop operating systems is much deeper. The Multiverse Designer software is a pedal configuration and sound design tool that puts the whole Multiverse in your hands. Pedalboards are created with your personally curated library of effects. Assign controls to the Multiverse pedal, monitor your audio in real time, and save your presets to the Multiverse pedal using the included USB-C cable. The software helps players make Multiverse into whatever kind of pedal they want it to be. Multiverse effects are visually stunning, with full graphic views that bring each virtual pedal's unique artwork and look to the forefront of the experience, making each effect in your library memorable. Multiverse is an open platform, so the collection of effects spans a variety of brands,  developers, and styles. 2024 has already seen the release of impulse response (IR) support for speaker simulation, AI-modeled distortion effects, Tape Modulation/ Saturation effects, and more. The complete offering of Multiverse audio effects is found in the Audio Shop on

“Our Multiverse Player Edition pedal release in 2024 takes everything that was accomplished on the platform so far and delivers the Multiverse experience in a package designed for all players,” said Aviate Audio CEO Shane Nolan. The release of the new Multiverse Player Edition pedal is a follow-up by Aviate Audio to the initial launch of the Multiverse platform, which saw excellent developer engagement in its first year. Now, the company is moving towards the future by releasing a version of the pedal that answers the call from musicians who want a simple and intuitive way to access the ever-expanding library of effects being published on Multiverse.

Multiverse specs:

- 1.3” OLED Display

- 4x programmable rotary encoders with integrated pushbutton switches

- 2x programmable stomp switches

- 2x assignable LEDs

- 2x expression inputs via TRS connector

- Dedicated input audio Level control and Volume control

- MIDI input for expanded hardware control

- USB C port with programming interface and audio interface

- Stereo 1/4" TRS audio input & output

- ARM Cortex M7 processor @ 600 MHz

- Power provided either by the DC Power Input (5V to 9V) or the USB-C port

About Aviate Audio - Aviate Audio launched the Multiverse effects platform in 2023 to address the needs of musicians and developers for an effects pedal that can support open effects development on fast and efficient real-time hardware. The teams’ vision for Multiverse is to achieve an extensive curated library of unique effects and provide a rich digital effects experience that incorporates the essential parts of the analog pedal experience, including visuals and tone/ audio quality.  With the release of Multiverse Player Edition, Aviate Audio delivers a brand new vision for audio effects for all musicians.

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