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Description of ChowCentaur
The Chow DSP premier release of the ChowCentaur transparent overdrive delivers mythical amp-like tones of the famed 'Klon Centaur'. A faithful emulation that is based on the known circuit characteristics of the classic centaur pedal. Why pay thousands when this instant classic is available for free on Multiverse?

The ChowCentaur brings a huge range of overdrive tones from clean boost to a mid-gain overdrive sound all while retaining the sonic characteristics of your guitar and amp.

Volume: Sets the effect output volume.

Gain: Sets the level of overdrive. At lower settings more of the clean signal is mixed in.

Treble: Flat to 400 Hz, then boosts or cuts based on knob setting.

Model Input Buf: When enabled, the input buffer is modelled. While the modelling is accurate, it has little effect on tone.

Model Output Buf: When enabled, the output buffer is modelled.

Bypass: Bypasses the effect when enabled.

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