Aviate Audio

How it works


Connect one or more pedals into the effects loop and you will be able to control them with three different modes. 

Latch Mode: Works just like your pedals. Press the button to turn them on, press again to turn them off. Connect multiple pedals in the effects loop to eliminate back and forth 'tap dancing' experienced when activating multiple effects at once!

Momentary Mode: Momentary mode is the game changing feature that will wow musicians and audiences at shows. With responsive control, your effects are activated by pressing and holding the button. Use expressive delays and choruses, add bursts of distortion, use Airpatch like a whammy bar by connecting to a pitch shifter. Leave the effects loop empty and Airpatch will function like a killswitch. The options are endless! How will you use it?

Reverse Momentary Mode: Works just like momentary mode, but your effects default to 'on'. The effects loop is bypassed for as long as the button is pressed. Have you ever been able to interact with you pedals like this before?

Easy mode selection: Change modes with a press of the single button located on the Airpatch dock. A three color LED indicator will indicate which mode you are using.

How will you use it 1.png


Airpatch uses an effects loop switching system to seamlessly activate and deactivate your effects wirelessly. Simply choose which effects pedals you would like to control and place them between the Airpatch send and return ports. Activate any combination of effects with just a single tap of the controller.

If you have multiple effects pedals connected in the Airpatch effects loop, Airpatch will only activate the pedals that are in their on state. Any effects that are off will not be activated whether they are in the effects loop or not. This allows you to pre-select combinations of effects to activate at once. Airpatch is simple to use and allows you to access your favorite effects right from your instrument!