Aviate Audio

Our Team

Shane Nolan Co-Founder & CEO of Aviate Audio
Shane Nolan | Futurist & CEO
Shane likes to imagine a world of creativity without boundaries. He dreams up new ideas for musicians tools and brings the team together to make them a reality.

Ryan Jaquin | Rock and Roll Visionary & CTO

Ryan embodies the soul of musicianship. He turns wild ideas into innovative realities by talking with musicians every day and by putting them to the test on stage.

 Alexander Schwartz | Circuit Wizard & VP Engineering

Alex is a battle tested engineer who knows what it takes to make technology work for you. He designs our tools to perfection and tests them for stage readiness.
Kanishka Wanninayaka | Digital Artisan & VP Marketing
Kanishka harnesses the power of working together to achieve greater goals. He combines his skills as a communicator with his keen eye for aesthetics to excite the world about creating new things.
Robert Nolan | CFO
Robert is a family team member who vigilantly looks after the best interests of the team. He is an original punk rocker who takes his message of uncompromising ethics from the song stage to the world of business to help companies be the change they want to see in the world.